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Tagora 12ft Snooker Table


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Ball response is exemplary due to the unique 8 bolt per rail arrangement. Other tables only feature 6 bolts per rail. This improvement provides a far more solid and consistent ball response akin to a steel block cushion.

Retro style pocket plates in stunning smooth chrome or polished brass, a modern style unsurpassed.

Real North American oak top rails, legs and side panels.

Air-dried for over 2 years and carefully crafted to ensure no splits or twists. Finished, coloured and lacquered with the very latest UV resin curing techniques developed in the automotive industry ensure a perfect finish ranging from natural wood finishes to stunning black or white lacquered.

Traditional looks and style combine with the start of the art materials and techniques to bring you the ultimate snooker table.

– Steel frame provides an improved level, accuracy, ball response and strength

– 8 bolts per rail

– Steel block cushion response

– Accurate Frame levelling system

– Adjustable and locking threaded slate levellers to provide ultimate fine-tune level

– Crafted to perfection by SAM

The SAM Professional range has come to represent the highest possible standard in Snooker, Pool and Carom, the world over.

Chosen for use by numerous International Billiards Federations and Associations, SAM tables now dominate the professional commercial markets in Europe and many countries across the globe. These same tables can deliver the same exacting standards to you in your home.

SNOOKER  10310 X 168284 x 1425 PIECES             0.40980kg
SNOOKER  12366 x 191350 x 1755 PIECES             0.401200kg


Tagora 12ft Snooker Table

Tagora boasts a traditional, simply decorated design with generous turned legs reminiscent of early billiard styles. The Classic

British Billiard Game on a Classic Design Chassis but stained to your specification, with contemporary options. SAM’s unique take on a snooker table. Steel frame for greater rigidity and solid structure.

Improved level with unique adjustable metal leveling feet, coupled with 48 locking leveling points built into the steel frame. No more wedges and beer mats for the pinnacle of an engineered snooker table.