Rockola Bubbler Classic CD Jukebox



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Rockola Bubbler Classic CD Jukebox

ROCKOLA CD Bubbler Jukebox

The Most Popular Jukebox of all time

The most popular jukebox of all time has been meticulously reproduced in Rock-Ola’s Series V Bubbler. The Bubbles of air perk merrily to the top of the 8 bubble tubes, while a “Kaleidoscope” of colors flows through 4 color translucent plastic cylinders.
It’s the 50’s all over again when the changer flips the CDs right in front of you. All 19 trim pieces are genuine die-cast metal, triple-plated with copper, nickel, and polished chrome. With quality in mind, only the finest hardwoods adorn this beauty. The handcrafted quality of these classics is a tradition Rock-Ola proudly continues.
Incredible sound quality with 5-speaker, dual 3-way system, and Peavey Electronics 1,600 watt power amplifier for “Live” performance reproduction.

Available in three finishes: Walnut, Oak & Black
60” H x 33.5” W x 26.75” D
Weight 284lbs.


  • 100 CD Capacity Magazine
  • Dual Stereo Amplifier
  • Four 7-Band Graphic Equalizers
  • 1600 Watts RMS Power
  • 5-Speaker, Dual 3-Way System for “Live” Performance Reproduction
  • Phillips CD Player
  • Self-Adjusting Laser
  • Electrical 90-250 Vols (50/60 Hz)
  • Approved RoHS

Special Features

    • Walnut, African Satinwood, Oak, Poplar and Alder Hardwoods
    • Multiple Bubble Tubes (varies)rockola_cd_bubbler_jukebox


  • Motor-Driven Color Cylirockola_cd_bubbler_jukeboxnders
  • Real Chrome Die-Cast Metal Trim



  • Custom-Built Industrial Mechanism
  • Amplifier and Computer, controlled by Microprocessors
  • Coin Operated or “Free” Play
  • Single of Album Play
  • Deluxe Remote Control

Rock-Ola CD Jukeboxes

In 1942 the American public was astonished by the creation of a revolutionary new jukebox. As the music played, bubbles streamed up the side pilasters and motor-driven color cylinders bathed the box in ever-changing colors: red, green, yellow, and purple. But it was wartime, and production soon ceased. As a result, this is one of the most sought-after jukeboxes for collectors today. Forty years later – A classic is reborn. For over a decade antique-restorer Glenn Streeter has kept these classic legends alive. After years spent crafting replacement parts for old jukeboxes, Streeter turns his knowledge and perfectionism to creating full-size replicas. The originals were equipped with a 78 RPIVl phonograph, played 24 songs, and have sold for over $40,000. The new jukebox has a computerized music System, with room for 100 CDs, playing thousands of songs, yet this handcrafted beauty is a fraction of the cost.