Fast Soccer Mini Air Hockey


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Fast Soccer takes the air hockey concept to a whole new level, a real premier league table. The football theming will appeal to everyone nuts about our national sport. The opportunity to take sides across the hallowed turf can only increase the competition and the fun. The fastest game around with the liveliest score commentary and sharpest puck rebound. The Fast Soccer’s precision-engineered top rail delivers the loudest ‘ping’ for the most zing but angles the puck for a safer game. An added safety screen protects even the most enthusiastic players. Variable speed pucks deliver slower games for the very young and shorter legs can also be specified. The top of the range commercial Air Hockey table, the UK’s biggest seller since launch at the 2006 World Cup, will prove a hit with every member of the family, and their friends!

 Fast Soccer – National Championship Table

Methacrylate playfield
The new wonder material has revolutionized air hockey design. Not to be confused with cheaper vinyl materials, methacrylate is super strong and lightning-quick to play on. The crystal clear quality enables limitless customization of the playfield with sports field designs, corporate branding, and even personal exclusivity.
Air Hockey design/accessories
The SAM anti flip top rails are designed to keep the puck on the table and not on the floor, the pucks are sculpted to match, and designed aerodynamically to maximise speed and minimise lift. SAM bats not only protect players’ hands but are angled to work best with SAM pucks. The rails, playfield, pucks and bats are all designed to perform best together as a package. The red, blue or yellow pucks are the fastest. The orange ones are softer and slower.
Non-SAM accessories can jam the puck door, fail to trigger the goal sensor, fly off the table and generally spoil the customers experience and reduce revenue in commercial environments.

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Fast Soccer Mini Air Hockey

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