Arena – Illuminated Football Table


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Arena – the new face of table football

Wow, table soccer has never looked like this. The New SAM Arena features professional SAM metal players and solid steel bars on a truly stunning illuminated playfield and translucent cabinet. The multicolored light and sound effects guarantee a great attract mode while livening up the game with different reactions to home and away scores. Players will love this funky modern table for its consistent and accurate play.

The SAM9 PCB enables programmed control of RGB light sequencing, game-winning format, and preset or recordable tunes for attracting and goals scored, displayed on electronic scoreboards at both ends.

Male and Female Metal ‘Leader’ players have two feet to more accurately control the hard and fast resin football on the curved Futbolin surface. Solid steel rods deliver professional accuracy and bounce-back flex and bend.

The professional standard players demand the style and attraction venues deserve.

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Arena – Illuminated Football Table