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Ladder Back Dining Chairs with Norwich Furniture.

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Arizona Dining Chair (Pair)

Arizona Dining Chair Solid Oak Chair with Bycast Leather Seat . Available in the Following Seat Colours Brown PT29767 Black PT29768 Cream PT29769 Approx 4 Weeks Delivery.
Arizona Dining Chair (Pair)£249.00More info

Canterbury Dining Chair (Pair)

Canterbury Oak Dining Chair. The Canterbury is a dining chair that is accustomed to keeping with a farmhouse orientated dining table. This dining chair is constructed from solid oak and integrates a cross-back trait that adds to the traditional...
Canterbury Dining Chair (Pair)£289.00 Buy Now 

Cavanaugh Cream & Oak Chairs (Pair)

Cavanaugh Cream & Oak Chairs Sold in Pairs The Cavanaugh Cream & Oak Chair emulates the Cavanaugh Oak Dining Chair but the key difference is that the frame is painted in cream to offer an alternative outlook. The Cavanaugh features a...
Cavanaugh Cream & Oak Chairs (Pair)£249.00 Buy Now 

Cavanaugh Oak Chair ( Pair)

Cavanaugh Oak Chairs   Solid in Pairs The Cavanaugh Oak Chair is produced using solid oak that is timber coloured to give its warm farmhouse appeal. The Cavanaugh Chair is finished with a lacquered application that protects the crisp lines it...
Cavanaugh Oak Chair ( Pair)£249.00 Buy Now 

Cross-Back Dining Chair

Cross Back Dining Chair with Brown Seat Pads .
Cross-Back Dining Chair£109.00 Buy Now 

Cumbria Dining Chair

Cumbria Chair. 480W x 450D x 1025H Solid Oak - Natural - PU Seat Pad
Cumbria Dining Chair£89.00 Buy Now 

Deluxe Cross Back Dining Chair

Deluxe New Cross Back Dining Chair
Deluxe Cross Back Dining Chair£249.00 Buy Now 

Deluxe Ladderback Dining Chair (Pair)

Deluxe Ladderback Dining Chair. The Deluxe Oak Ladder Back Chair is a high quality rustic design which is constructed using top quality solid oak and finished with a protective Lacquerer Finish. The Deluxe range offers furniture for the Lounge,...
Deluxe Ladderback Dining Chair (Pair)£249.00 Buy Now